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Reactive Polyamide Resin

Product Name: Reactive Polyamide Resin

Properties: light yellow, transparent thick liquid.

Uses: It can be used in pipe surface as anti-corrosion coating, apply for epoxy primer, and the coated mortar. It is also widely used in epoxy glue, antirust paint and antisepsis coatings and so on.

Performance: It has good curing properties, good adhesion, do not easy to peel off, with good bending properties and excellent resistance to impact resistance. It has wider range than epoxy resin and easy to operate.

Packing: plastic drum or plastic coated metal pail, net wt 190kg.

Index Performance
650 650A 650B 300 400 (651)
Viscosity, mPa.s/40oC 12000-25000 30000-65000 10000-18000 6000-15000 4000-12000
Amine value,
200±20 200±20 250±20 300±20 400±20
Color, Fe-Co≤ 10 10 10 10 10
Uses Primer, anti-corrosion insulation, horizon Adhesive, anti-corrosion coatings, insulating materials
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