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We used these raw materials for our own production. We need high quality products from you. So that we can produce high quality products for our customers.

1. Oleic Acid
1. Refining low freezing point plant oleic acid.
2. colorless
3. plant oleic acid

Application:Widely applied in dimer acid, alkyd resin, synthetic fiber nylon 8 and 9, plastic plasticizer, printing ink pesticide emulsifier, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, industrial solvents, textile, detergent,   metal mineral, flotation agents, and can be used for requests of emulsifier preparation, metal processing, oil and rust-proof paint, copy, ball-point pen oil, typing paper, detergent, touch soft soap catharsis, flax, daily chemical industrial etc.

2. Ethylenediamine (EDA)

Application:Used as material for Fungicide,Chelating Agent,Corrosion Inhibitor,Elastomeric Fibers,Textile Auxiliaries,Lube oil and Fuel Additives,Water treatment Chemicals,Drugs Intermediates,Plastic Additives,Polyamide Resins,Rubber Processing Additives,Paper Chemicals,Mining Chemicals.

Packaging:Packaging Detail: 45KG&90KG Carboys and in SS Road Tankers. For exports in ISO Tankers, Flammable, Corrodes copper and its alloys. Reacts violently with aldehydes, acids and chlorinated hydrocartons. React with water under evolution of heat(formation of hydrate).Absorbs carton dioxide from air.

3. Polyethylene Polyamine (PEPA)

Packing:Packing details: rail-tank cars, tank trucks, 200L steel drums(195kg), as agreed with consumer packing in other containers providing safety of products quality is allowed. Tank fillup-95%.

Specifications:Appearance and color-light-yellow to dark-brown fluid without mechanical inclusions. greenish color is allowed.

Polyethylene polyamines raw material for production of active based of corrosion inhibitors, epoxy compound, amine resins, epoxy resin hardeners for cold and hot hardening, lacquers and paints, detergents and disinfectans, additives of different use.

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